Michael Neuwirth, MD

ThinkRadial Alumni, September 2014

Interventional Radiologist, Carle Heart and Vascular Institute, Urbana, IL,

The ThinkRadial course gave me the opportunity to actually practice the radial artery approach without sitting down and reading a textbook. The ability to ask questions and interact with colleagues who are experts in the radial approach was priceless.

The course was well-thought out, detailed and complete. It’s geared towards vascular physicians, including cardiologists, vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists. They have tailored the course for each specialty, using attendee feedback on different kinds of procedures. The course covered protocols, basics and even advanced techniques and how they differ for the radial approach. There is also an extensive hands-on component where I was able to learn the procedure with an experienced colleague looking over my shoulder.

I recommend ThinkRadial to colleagues. I tell them that they are doing themselves and their patients a disservice by not going to the Merit Medical course and doing radial approach. As it did for me, it will change your practice and your bottom line, plus it is much better for your patients. It can make your procedures so much more simple and successful. I also tell them that it works for so many procedures outside of the heart, including AV fistulagrams, fibroid embolization, mesenteric and renal angiograms and stenting, liver oncology and also for standard lower extremity angiograms. You can even do it for subclavian stenting.