David Wood, MD

ThinkRadial Alumni, October 2015

Interventional Radiologist and Chief of Interventional Radiology at Banner University Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

I found the [ThinkRadial] course very well planned out. Having Dr. Darren Klass there was key, so important to learn from an interventional radiologist with hundreds of cases under his belt. He covered every detail, from patient selection, technique, product selection, to hemostasis and dealing with complications. He showed recordings of two live cases which were very helpful. The sessions were very informal, we had unlimited opportunities to ask questions along the way. By the end of the course I could visualize every step and felt confident that we could reproduce the technique in our own lab. When learning a new technique of course we need to learn the nuts and bolts of the unique products and technical factors. But the real key is learning pearls and pitfalls from an experienced mentor. I have adapted all of Dr. Klass’ pearls in my radial practice and as a result all of my radial cases have gone very smoothly. The physician instructors provided the data, pearls, pitfalls, and experience. Just as valuable was holding the course at Merit headquarters, whereby we were educated on the use of Merit’s many radial access products. We got to practice using these products on models and cadavers.

I now use the radial approach for all of my hepatic mapping angiograms, Y90 administrations, chemoembolizations, and uterine artery embolizations. I expect radial to gain widespread adoption in the near future as the preferred approach for visceral endovascular procedures.

I would say I am ‘radial first’ for outpatient visceral procedures. I plan to start implementing radial access for inpatient procedures on a case-by-case basis.